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25.03.23 - Refills by post!

We have always been looking at how we can reduce our environmental impact here and last year saw us going solar. On a good day, the distilling is 100% powered by the sun! We have also been looking at ways we can get refills to our postal customers and have arrived at cans!! Not only will it save on carbon emissions by being lighter through the postal system, using them to refill your Blue Slate gin bottle at home will save you £££ (equivalent to around a £6 saving on the bottle price). And if you recycle the can (don't worry about removing the paper labels), it completes the eco win! We are super excited about the design by Wes Brelsford, hope you like it too.

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18.03.23 Price increase

I'm sorry to say, we can hold off no longer! The Blue slate gin bottle price has been the same since the beginning in 2017 - but everything has gone up massively in the last 12 months, bottles, labels, postage, electricity and now a pretty big hike in Duty in the recent budget. We have absorbed as much as we can, but hope you will understand, and continue to enjoy your Blue Slate Gin. We really appreciate your support

09.03.20 Love your Blue Slate Gin / Jin Llechen Las bottle again, and again!

We love our Blue Slate Gin / Jin Llechen Las bottle and it seems that you do too! It is beautiful and customers frequently ask if they can return it for a refill, or if we can reuse it. Inspired, we started to look at refill options and focused how we could get a refill out to the customer. For the refill to be a worthy ecological alternative, we felt that it had to be relatively light, widely recyclable, preferably made of recycled materials, light on resources to manufacture, and suitable for liquids. Not a huge ask, surely? We worked through loads of ideas, but we just couldn’t find a solution that came close to our wish list. Then it hit us, the answer was literally right under our noses – used beer bottles!

We are working with three local establishments in Llanberis: Gallt Y Glyn (Pizza & Pint); The Padarn Hotel; and, the Royal Victoria Hotel. They put aside unbranded, used beer and cider bottles for us to collect and reuse. In this way we can give loads of bottles a second life before they are recycled. We are running the project for a limited time period to see how the refill is received by customers. They are now for sale in Y Stori, Bala; Gwyn Llyn Wines, Pwllheli; Purple Moose Shop, Porthmadog; Menter Fachwen Shop, Llanberis; and, Handpicked by LlanfairPG at LlanfairPG Distillery, Gaerwen. They are also available on our website, providing a lighter weight option for postage to UK wide customers.

We have no idea how this idea will go down, but perhaps it’s time for a few left-of-centre ideas to reduce waste and make better use of resources? Let us know what you think

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