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09/03/20 Love your Blue Slate Gin / Jin Llechen Las bottle again, and again!

We love our Blue Slate Gin / Jin Llechen Las bottle and it seems that you do too! It is beautiful and customers frequently ask if they can return it for a refill, or if we can reuse it. Inspired, we started to look at refill options and focused how we could get a refill out to the customer. For the refill to be a worthy ecological alternative, we felt that it had to be relatively light, widely recyclable, preferably made of recycled materials, light on resources to manufacture, and suitable for liquids. Not a huge ask, surely? We worked through loads of ideas, but we just couldn’t find a solution that came close to our wish list. Then it hit us, the answer was literally right under our noses – used beer bottles!

We are working with three local establishments in Llanberis: Gallt Y Glyn (Pizza & Pint); The Padarn Hotel; and, the Royal Victoria Hotel. They put aside unbranded, used beer and cider bottles for us to collect and reuse. In this way we can give loads of bottles a second life before they are recycled. We are running the project for a limited time period to see how the refill is received by customers. They are now for sale in Y Stori, Bala; Gwyn Llyn Wines, Pwllheli; Purple Moose Shop, Porthmadog; Menter Fachwen Shop, Llanberis; and, Handpicked by LlanfairPG at LlanfairPG Distillery, Gaerwen. They are also available on our website, providing a lighter weight option for postage to UK wide customers.

We have no idea how this idea will go down, but perhaps it’s time for a few left-of-centre ideas to reduce waste and make better use of resources? Let us know what you think

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